About Me

I have slept in an igloo, been stranded in Anasazi cave dwellings in a flash flood, taught in the mountains of Costa Rica, studied in the Alps with people from all over the world, and faced off with a black bear in my car.  There is adventure written all throughout the story of this Northwest girl!  
I still like to live the adventurous life, but now it mainly comes in the form of my family: 1 incredible husband, 3 humorous, loving sons and 1 caring, talented daughter.  We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth -- the inland NW -- and are surrounded by close-knit extended family and friends who are like family.  
 Every day is full of more adventure than ever in this journey of parenting, and I am so incredibly thankful to God for the opportunity to stay home with my kids and pour into their hearts and minds.  It is a GIFT, and one I do not take for granted.  
Ultimately, this blog is for them.  I hope to create a reflection of who we are, what we hold to be true and dear, and have some fun along the way cataloging favorite recipes, tips, and ideas.  
Thanks for peeking in the doorway of our adventure. My prayer is that it would encourage you as you live out yours!