Thursday, November 17, 2011

Easy hor d' oeuvres for the Holidays: Part 1

Hor d'ouvres can sometimes be the last thing we consider when we are preparing for the big holiday meals.  Here are a couple of easy ideas:
Arrange crackers, rolled meats, and block cheeses on a platter.  Behind:  Layer pickled asparagus, pepperocinis, kalmata olives, and mozzarella balls.  
Nestle red grapes in between chocolate dipped strawberries and specialty cheeses.  The cheeses on this tray are:  Cougar Gold, Parmesan, and Brie.   This tray goes well with a quality bottle of wine.  
My favorite way to dip strawberries, carameled apples, etc. is with this deep dipping bowl.  It's called Back to Basics Microwave Gourmet Apple Dipper.  Simply put the chocolate in the microwave, melt according to directions, and dip!  

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  1. Krista - This is such a great blog! I have so much appreciated reading all of your ideas...and then attempting to implement! One of my favorite dips for this day...was from Katie's wedding (I think) least it was one of the Rein weddings. Mix strawberry cream cheese with marshmallow cream...and dip the strawberry. DELICIOUS for the sweet tooth! Enjoy the holiday season - and thanks for posting your thoughts and ideas - I don't always comment - but I am reading them and appreciating them. Kim (Stiles)