Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Goals: Who's Watching You?

     Everyone loves a fresh start; a new, crisp blank page on which we can write our future.  Beginning a new year gives us that chance.  Celebrating what was behind, or closing the door, we look hope-full toward what lies ahead.  Sometimes, though, we don't know where to start and how to actually accomplish those things we've set out to do.  
     If we are going to be successful in these New Year's goals, of course we need to name what they are, but the most important component hands down is ACCOUNTABILITY.  This is what actually will keep us moving forward when it gets hard.  This is what will inspire us to finish what we've begun.  This is what we need to fight the inevitable laziness that creeps in 4-6 weeks into our new program.  It can be as simple as choosing a work out partner who will meet at the gym in the early morning hours, or signing up for a class so that there has been a commitment made to that area of growth.  Sometimes it means gathering a small group of like-minded people who are working toward the same purpose, or putting dates on the calendar with your spouse.  Whatever the method, there needs to be another PERSON on the other end of the agreement.  I realize there are exceptions to the rule, and that sometimes people meet their goals on their own, but for most of us, our own selves only motivate for so long.  We require someone outside of us to spur us on and hold our feet to the fire to get it done!  
     Over the next few days I will give a couple of examples of how this plays out in my life, and how I create my New Year's Resolutions.  For now, begin dreaming about what 2012 will look like for you and who could possibly join you on the journey.... 
See you tomorrow!

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