Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shoe Jail!

With 4 kids there are several pairs of snow boots, cleats, tennis shoes, school shoes, and crocs floating around. Each one of my kids has designated areas to put their shoes, but somehow they often end up in a pile on the floor. SOLUTION: SHOE JAIL.
Shoe jail is where all of the lonely, lost shoes go that have been left out. My kids can redeem their prisoners by doing extra chores, a special good deed that I see, or by paying me from their commissions (our version of allowance). They may not leave their shoes in there indefinitely. All shoes must be "bailed out" before commissions are paid on our family night.
A simple solution to a common problem!
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  1. And this, my friend, is why you were such an amazing Skyhawks Camp coach. You have such a great imagination that fits perfectly with a child's. Love the Shoe Jail. I could use one of those!