Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Gifts from the Heart: Fun Ideas

I love creativity, and when it comes to gifts, I have been SO blessed to be on the receiving end of these great ideas! A little creativity and thoughtfulness goes a LONG way!

1. Roses:
A. This year, 3 of my dearest friends who live far away, gave my sister money to buy a bouquet or roses. There was a letter that came with the bouquet explaining that each friend had picked a special rose bush that is to be sent in the spring. My dear friends each described why she had picked that particular color/bush for me. I will think of them whenever I pass my garden and cut a rose -- what a lasting and thoughtful gift! They put a beautiful quote at the top of the letter:
"People need what plants need.....Someone to tend the soil around them, give them some extra attention, pull the weeds that threaten to choke them, pour on the sunshine and the life-giving water, sprinkle in nourishing words - like plant food and fertilizer - and wait. The "repair shop" mentality won't do because we are made for life in a garden."
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

B. One year, my sister had 12 of my friends each deliver a rose to my house on my birthday with a special card. By the end of the day, I had a dozen roses, and felt very loved!

2. The Quilt.
Anyone who has ever attempted a quilt can appreciate the love and TIME that went into creating this! My friend had several people take one fruit of the Spirit each from Galatians 5:22 and write about the various words. She then put them all together in a quilt. There is even a flap and a ribbon to cover them up. Isn't my friend just amazing? !
3. The Album
This particular friend has made me 2 albums and I treasure them both. She weaves pictures in with writing. She even put my 2011 motto on the front! In this album, she put an acrostic, some Bible verses, quotes, and letters to me. So much time went into this -- an act of loyal friendship and love!
4. The Recipe Cards
I love recipes, especially from people I care about. Whenever I'm making a recipe from someone I know, I pray for that person while I'm making their recipe. When we moved from Utah back to the Northwest, some of my friends gave this as my going away gift. They had various people write one of their favorite recipes on a recipe card. Then, on the back, the people wrote a little note, their birthdays, things I could pray for, etc. They were all compiled in a box. I love looking at these cards.... and the recipes are fabulous!

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