Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Kid Favorite: Ravioli Lasagna

 I came up with this dish on a whim and my kids are crazy about it.  It's SO easy!  I made a couple of pans and froze them.  I stock up on aluminum tins at the Dollar Store and use them for freezing my extra meals.  

 1 jar tomato sauce.  
A quick tip:  Liven up jarred sauce by sauteing some olive oil and garlic in a saucepan.  Add oregano and basil to the pan until fragrant, then add the sauce and simmer.  Ummmm... hello garlic!  Can you tell I love it??
 Cook the ravioli as directed.  Place a cup of tomato sauce in the bottom of the pan, then arrange a single layer of ravioli over it.  Top with a layer of shredded cheese.  Repeat the layers of tomato sauce, ravioli, and cheddar cheese.  I like to use a couple of different kinds of ravioli.  
 For the top layer, spread a layer of pesto sauce and top with parmesan cheese.  
 Cover with foil, and bake at 350 degrees for 30 min..  Remove the foil and let the cheese brown on top.  Serve and watch it disappear!
1-2 jars tomato sauce - -depending on how saucy your family likes it
2 packages ravioli
1/2 block cheddar cheese (or around 3 cups)
1 jar pesto
3/4 c. parmesan cheese

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