Sunday, May 15, 2011

Books of the Month

Growing up, I called my little brother "Bookworm." He read voraciously, and could block the whole world out when he was into a book. My problem was I would start a book, get half way through, then put it down to start another. I had ten half read books on my nightstand. Although I'm trying to break this trend as an adult, I have to admit, you'll still find ten books stacked on top of each other waiting to be read all the way through. I love to read books that will grow me in some way. This could be in my faith, parenting, marriage, cooking, gardening, even how to cut my boys' hair. I rarely read novels, because if I'm going to take the time to delve into a book, it better make me better!!!!! I know this reveals a lot about my personality. ;) I'm not against novels at all -- in fact, I was an English Literature major -- I love the written word! It's just a stage of life thing.
I'm going to start posting when I read books I really like. Here are two:

Genre: Christian Parenting
This book guides a parent through the process of reaching the heart of a child through Biblical principles and instruction.

Genre: Non-Fiction
If you've ever been curious about heaven, this book will peak your interest. Kids of all ages would be interested in this book as well. It is a quick read.

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