Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's the Little Things.....

A little plaque that my grandma gave me reads "Do small things with GREAT LOVE." I've always said that it is the little things that make up big things. Profound huh? (LOL). But it's true. It's the note left on the bathroom mirror, the text of encouragement reflecting sincere friendship, the coffee brought unexpectedly, the hug given at the right moment, the little gift given because someone was thinking of you, the card left in the suitcase.
Lately I've been on the receiving end of a few "little things" that meant a whole lot to my heart! Take a look.....

This sign, and the one above, greeted us on return from our Costa Rica trip. Let me tell you how loved we felt being welcomed by these little rays of sunshine!
These are little gifts my sister put together for each one of my kids on Easter. Kendra is the best at the "little somethin' somethin''" concept. The other day she gave me a leopard coffee cozy over a paper cup and wrote a message to me on the cup with a Sharpe. CUTEST EVER!! She is always so creative and I feel so loved because of her thoughtfulness.
This basket of joy showed up on my doorstep on May Day! It was left by an anonymous giver (though I know who it is ;)), but how creative, fun, and DARLING is this idea!!!? It completely brightened my day!!

So, what "little something'" can I do today to show someone I love and care? What can you do? It's not difficult, it just takes thoughtfulness, follow through, and GREAT LOVE....

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