Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Favorite Simple Greek Salad

I first had Greek Salad in Athens when I was studying abroad in college and traveled to Greece. I still remember the darling, open-air cafe where I sat admiring the white washed buildings around me as my friend, Jill, and I ate lunch. I LOVED it and have ever since. The store-bought Greek salad always leaves much to be desired, however. It is so easy to make, and to me, the simpler the better.

Step 1: Seed cucumbers by halving and then scraping the middle out with a spoon. The seeds are what create all of the water in these vegetables, so taking them out will save your salad from drowning!

Step 2: Halve and seed the tomatoes with a spoon also.

Step 3: Add the feta cheese. I like the Greek feta that they now sell at Costco. Cut it up into small pieces and it will naturally crumble.

Step 4: Add the kalmata olives. Most companies now sell them pitted so be sure you get those kind. You don't have to halve the olives, but I like to.

3 cucumbers
5 roma tomatoes
1/2 block feta
15-20 kalamata olives
Drizzle extra-virgin olive oil over the salad
Salt and pepper to taste

These amounts are very subjective.
Add or subtract according to your own taste and preferences!

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