Sunday, January 16, 2011

Way Cool Workboxes

Many of you in the homeschool world have heard the buzzword.... workboxes! A very innovative homeschooling mom, Sue Patrick, came up with this system which allows students to be more independent, responsible learners. You can read about the whole system by following the link provided. Essentially, the student works through each subject in a separate workbox until he is all done. The teacher helps with certain boxes that contain a "teacher help" label on them; other than that, the student works as independently as possible. This also works great with special needs kids, in fact, that was the reason the whole system was created!

To make my workboxes I used shoe racks from Costco, clear bins from Fred Meyer, and cute sports ball clipart from Lettering Delights. Easy, space efficient, and cute! Voila!

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