Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pattern Blocks -- an oldie but a goodie

Pattern blocks keep my children occupied for hours. They are most often used to build math concepts like symmetry, order, counting, number operations, data collection, and estimation, but I also keep them out to keep little hands productive! If I leave the jar out on the counter, it isn't 5 minutes before someone is building something with them. I like them because they are educational and fun!

Pattern Blocks Help children:
* build visual-spatial skills
* increase pattern recognition
practice shape recognition
* visualize how shapes work together to create new shapes
* master color recognition
* learn beginning math concepts
* practice creativity

This is my daughter's shape. At 12, she still likes creating with these! The shapes included in the traditional pattern block sets are:
green triangles
orange squares
red trapezoids
blue rhombuses (or rhombi)
tan parallelograms
yellow octagons.

Give them a try!

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